This was the beginning:

In 1982 I visited the home for animals in Berlin-Lankwitz. The they had a "big black skeleton", the greyhound "Atom of Felicities Home". He became our first sight hound.

Shortly after this we got the second as a present from Peter Lee Burgon, it was "Hit's Hill".

Atom called "Lümmi" (louty) was a son of the well known "Hi Joe of Felicities Home", bred by Mr. Sweelsen from the Netherlands. He didn’t like the racing court - so he went to coursings - his great favour and he did very well there, as one of the first greyhounds that run in the quarry of Volkmarsen.

Kit's Hill called "Sunny", was a son of "Monalee Champion". He was a reliable runner on the racing court, but he was the "always second", he seemed to be not brave enough to run in front of the others. For that he never reached the A-Class, which we had at that time still in our races.

After more then 2 years of waiting a puppy came to us - "Fidelio Jillaroos", Hannibal vom Venusberg x Shelbourne's Gold, bred by Uschi Arnold, Switzerland. He was a one that just got on the last part of the race the idea to get his legs sorted and to run for the win. His hardest opponent was "I'm Lucky Lauda" - they had so many matches against another that i am unable to count them. It looked just every time silly, when "Mowgli", so Fidelio was called, stand beneath to Lucky Lauda - as Mowgli was 80 c m high and Lucky Lauda just bit more then 64 cms. He was one of the tallest greyhounds I have ever seen on German racing courts, but he never had injuries or accidents on the court.

After separation from my Ex-Husband the greyhounds remained at my husband and the whippet went with me till his dead in 1999.

Same time "Mowgli" got in my life the era of the whipptes begun.

The first one was "Superfly's Bossa Nova", bred by Marianne Kiack-Knöfel, a son of Dondelayo Paint Tin x Seven Year Itch du Sac à Malices.

"Bossl" or later called "Grandpa" lived for 14 years, 7 months and 16 days with me. He didn't like the racing court, but he enjoyed to run in coursings and won several prices in this discipline - his nicest win was the Trophy for the Coursing - Champion of the Year 1990.

GRANDPA was the cutest, uncomplicated and most adaptable of all may dogs. He was always with me, he never needed a leash, he run with me in the city of Berlin without it - always looking for not loosing me in any way, on the racing places he lay on his bed and none could get him away from that place. He was that - what we call a "dream dog of the life". You only get this sort of dog once the life, all have their individual being and their individual lovely characters, but this sort of dog you only get once - i will never stop thanking that you lived with me.

After GRANDPA died by a short but very serious illness in 1999 a young whippet-lady came to me.

"Gillian vom Kleinen Berg" bred by Doris Kleineberg und Bärbel Rottmann, a daughter of Samoem's Sergeant Jay x O'Hara vom Kleinen Berg, she became Club-Youth-Champion in 1999 and was 18 months old as I got her.

Gilly is a fantastic coursing runner - she also has the licence for racing courts - but she isn't a fast runner, so she will do her job on the coursings.

After i noticed that Gilly didn't like to be alone, we got Lucy - an old lady, which had to go back to the kennel after her owner died and didn't like it very much to be there with many other dogs - for all of us 3 a very good decision to get her to be with us.

"Juanita vom rauhen Meer" bred by Karin und Volker Dygas, a daughter of Mats el Kahal x Ivanjica vom rauhen Meer, was a very quick runner, which had to start in the European racing championship in 1996 in Selestat. She is the first dog of my own, that got a first place in a court race, in Münster, in 1999 in the seniors class. She is the best friend for Gilly, she could not find a better one - she is a bit "dumb" but as she is so she is more lovely and wuss. We both got her in our heart and we hope she will be with us for a very long time. She had 2 times puppies in the kennel "vom rauhen Meer" - N and Y, in the meanwhile she is greatgrandmother , cause her granddaughter Trollhetta vom rauhen Meer got puppies by herself. All her children and grandchildren are wonderful dogs and very good runners.

Now we have new times.... we have got a puppy. A lil Podengo Portugues medio smooth entered our house short befor easter from Portugla via Màlaga. First days Gilly was upset about her, but then she changed and now they love another all 3. After about 20 years we got the first puppy again - it really needs lot of accustoming, but just cuddly... Well she tries to change the looking of my home a bit and the garden has to get a higher fence soon.

In the meanwhile Lisa became German Champion (DWZRV + VDH), winner Niedersachen and Weser-Ems 2005 and VDH-European-Winner 2005 and now she is done with shows

In August 2005 we got another puppy - Lena, breeded by Armindo Germano, Pt. She cam together with her borther Ligeiro with a plane from Portugal to Frankfurt/M and Elke Sanders-Saathoff (kennel vom jadewind) and me picked them up at the airport when they was just 10 weeks old. Lisa and Lena are many hours of the day outside in the garden playing and fighting and changing the look of the garden  - digging the lawn and others....

Lena was shown on 3 shows so far, first time she got very good 1 by Mrs. Peschges, second time she got excellent 1 by Mr. Schicker and third time excellent 1 by Mrs. Gielisse, NL and reached the last 4 in the youth-BIS-circle when there was about 10 youth dogs present.

Starting middle of August she will have to try in the intermediate class to copy the resulsts of her sister Lisa and to become german champion too.

Both dogs started to run on the racing court very well and we will try to get the racing licence, so first time there will be 3 Podengo Portugues medio smooth on a german racing court - the third will be brother Ligeiro.