The  "GRANDPA" Superfly's Bossanova *3.2.1985 †19.09.1999

This was his way to be in the middle of all happening - always staying calm and cute.


Gillian vom Kleinen Berg *23.3.1998

Juanita vom rauhen Meer *25.12.1992 †14.8.2006


Gillian at 18 months, at the day she got me.

18 months


3 Whippets ?

Looks like they have only one bed.....



Why does a whippet lay down on the tiles in the middle of the winter?? ....because the heating system is in the cellar under the place :-)

The sky over the racing place in Hoope


The Puppy...nosy looking for that mate

what will it be when it got ready?


Málagenalisa *5.1.2004 (called Lieschen Müller)

Gillian, Lucy, Lisa and Lena


Lena *15.5.2005

Fight of the titanes


Lena in a fight with Lisa with 12 weeks

I'll catch you....


...never give up...

work for your own food - make toothpickers!


head study Lena

a dog in the TV? Just let me have a closer look!


Lena first time on the racing court - that's pure fun!

Lisa at the Coursing (Foto Jan Scotland) are still here - living on in your kids and grandkids...