First this kennel should have a very different name - it was in my mind since i saw the first whippets running in a race - it should have been "Rikkitikkitavi's" - named after the brace little Mungo from Kipling's Junglebooks, who killed alone "Nag" and "Nagaina" the both King cobras - this fastness, agility, intelligence but also loyality, devoteness and the never ending wish to cuddle - that's a whippet in my eyes. But the fate had other wishes - this name has been given out by the FCI - so that they took the 3rd name of my list - so the future whippets will be named "von der Harpstedter Mühle" (of Harpstedt's mill)

There are no breeding plans at the moment, first there isn't enough time, one has to look for the money for the dog food, second there is no bitch in the kennel at the moment, that would be good for breeding with it. The younger one isn't that what i wish to use for the objectives i have for breeding - beauty/performance/strength nature. She is a wonderful and lovely bitch, loyal, devote and always on her way to cuddle with me or her friend Juanita, but she is no bitch for breeding. The other one is too old now and that's a great pity.

But once the day will come, the first whippets will see the light of this world - comes time - comes advice.

We are member of DWZRV and WCW and some of you may know me as Judge for races and coursings, as secretary, as field judge or as secretary or helper ins shows.